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Photo: Charles Hustwick

. . . there lived a little black baby. His mother loved him dearly, but she dared not keep him. He was black. She was white. It wouldn’t have been fitting. Not in ‘62.

So his mother had no choice but to leave him in the hospital. In floods of tears she ran far, far away.

Both baby and mother cried and cried, for their hearts were broken in two.💔

One day, the little black baby . . . actually, if you’d like to know what happened next, please click the box on your left. ‘MY LIFE’. (It's dead exciting. He goes blind and deaf and all sorts . . . but like all the best stories, it has a happy ending!).


Right, enough about me. Lets talk about . . . me!

Hello, I'm Johnny Heath. I write children's books. I hope to have my first novel, OFF WITH HER LEGS! (for 9-13 year olds) published and 'flying off the shelves' by . . . 2018!

Welcome to my site.

I've also been known to make dances for the stage and screen. You can find all that 'showbizzy' stuff by clicking on TV INTERVIEW, or the MY SHOWREEL tab - on your left. All that stuff was pre-meningitis, before I fell ill. Now . . . I can't balance, hear the music or see too well, so I'm trying to carve out a new career as a children's author.  

Hmmm, we'll see!

Click on CLAY WORKS! and you'll find the curious pots and people I make out of clay!  

Bye for now.

Love Johnny.

P.S. That's me, on the right - prancing!🙂 

(So that's what became of that little black baby!).

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Photo by Sri and Jana. http://www.photosbysri.com